V. South Bohemia classic – information for partici


SOUTH BOHEMIA CLASSIC is competition of classic and sport vehicles. The crews ride the track according to arrow itinerary, i.e. road-book, (model of itinerary, see the Annex No. 2 ). The road-book is not blind, as it is not our goal that the crews get lost, take a wrong way or have to do complicated manoeuvres. If not stated otherwise in the road-book, the route continues on the main road.




Friday 5.9.2014

                                       15.00-17.30     administrative check – Český Krumlov, Brewery Eggenberg
                                       19.00                 START – Český Krumlov, Square ( ca. 120 km )
                                       22.00                 FINISH – HOTEL RELAX Dolní Vltavice
                                                                  „DRIVERS DRINK“

Saturday 6.9.2014    

                                       09.00                START – HOTEL RELAX Dolní Vltavice ( ca. 250 km )
                                       17.00                FINISH – HOTEL RELAX Dolní Vltavice
                                       19.00                Price giving – HOTEL RELAX
                                                                 „GALA DINNER“



Competition Principle and Basic Data

SOUTH BOHEMIA CLASSIC is competition of classic and sport vehicles. The crews ride the track according to arrow itinerary, i.e. road-book, (model of itinerary, see the Annex No. 2 ). The road-book is not blind, as it is not our goal that the crews get lost, take a wrong way or have to do complicated manoeuvres. If not stated otherwise in the road-book, the route continues on the main road.
There may be also PASSAGE CONTROLS (PC) on the track. These controls will be in various places and the participants will not know of them in advance. It is very important that the crews follow the road-book and do not shorten the route as otherwise they can miss the passage control.
SOUTH BOHEMIA CLASSIC is the category of so-called hundredth rallys (e.g. 1000 MIGLIA or SILVRETTA CLASSIC competitions take place according this format). The track contains special tests which are called REGULARITY TESTS (RT). The basic principle of the competition is passing these sections in the determined time; the deflection from the ideal time is measured in hundreds of seconds and the crews get penalty points for this.
During two days of SOUTH BOHEMIA CLASSIC, RT of various length are before you and they are defined by signs (see Annex No. 1), which simultaneously mark the place of location of measuring photo-cells. Stopping between RT signs is not permitted, start into RT is flying start, there is no stop in RT goal. Also secret RT may appear on the track.

Individual stages are divided into sections. The time of arrival into individual sections – TIME CONTROLS (TC) will be written into BOARDCARDS, specimen see Annex No. 3. TIME CONTROLS (TC) are also at the end of individual stages. The preliminary arrival into TC is permitted at the end of stages. The speed average for individual sections is 40-50 km/h, which is the speed, by which the vehicles may ride without problems, but it is the speed average for which a good navigation and concentration of rider is necessary. It is not necessary to be in a hurry, the penalization in the time control is only a small part of penalization by which you can be punished during the precision tests! Before the time control, the cars will line up in such a way that they come for „their“ minute into the time control to the time-keeper table. You must come with the car to the timekeeper and hand over the BOARDCARD for time registration.
All the control points on the track – time controls (TC), passage controls (PC), regularity tests (RT), terminate their activity in the certain point 15 minutes after the ideal time of the last vehicle. When the vehicle arrives after this time, the crew is penalized identically as in the case of failed passage through the given point.



Board-card – record on the time and passage through the individual control points on the track. The board-cards for individual stages are a part of road-book.
time control (TC) – the point in which the crew is obliged to stop and to hand over the board-card into which the time keeper records the time of hand-over of the board-card. The hand-over of the board-card in other than ideal time is penalized.
ideal time – time which is the sum of the time of the initial time control and riding time up to the following time control (e.g. TC 1 time 10:40 a.m.., riding time 2 hours 23 min., ideal time for TC 2 is 13:03), hand-over of board-card to the time keeper should take place between 13h 03m 00s and 13h 03m 59s
passage test (PC)– point in which the crew is obliged to stop; the organiser will record the certificate of passage without time record in board-card.
regularity test (RT) – measured test which the crew has to pass with the minimum deflection from the prescribed time. Start is flying after the starter instruction, the crew does not stop in the target and continues into the next time control. Stopping between the boards marking start and goal of RT is not permitted!
neutralization – is the place/section between time controls where the driving average does not run (e.g. between stages)


Entry Fees:

Entry fees for one car with a 2 persons crew :  5200 CZK (190 EUR)

each additional passenger:  800 CZK (30 EUR)

Price includes for crew:
– T-shirts South Bohemia Classic
– Roadbook
– souvenir badge
– Refreshments at the start & WELCOME DRINK

– DRIVER´S DRINK in the Finish 1. Leg

– Lunch on Saturday (2.Leg)

Closing date for entries: 15.8.2014



• the vehicles as per the following categories may participate in the competition:
              CLASSIC      – classic and sport vehicles produced up to 1984
              EXCLUSIVE – sport vehicles produced after 1984

                                          In the CLASSIC category, the following cups will be awarded:
                                                    – Challenge SBC cup for absolute winner
                                                    – „Mechanical Stop-Watch Cup“
                                                    – Ladies cup
                                                    – Cups for winners of individual precision tests

                                        Category EXCLUSIVE will be evaluated independently

                                        Within SBC 2014 the mark cups will be evaluated:
                                                      – Trofeo MASERATI
                                                      – Additional club cups for marks depending on agreement with organiser

                                        The organiser reserves the right of choice of vehicles.

• the crew passes the competition route according to road-book with passage of all the time and passage  controls,
• start is in minute intervals,
• the ride average is prescribed in the board-card for individual sections between time controls,
• the passage control may be located in any place of the track,
• time control, passage control and regularity tests are marked as per ANNEX No. 1,
• deflections from ideal time in time controls, not-passing through all the track points and deflections from the determined time in regularity tests are penalized,
• the winner is the crew with the lowest number of penalization points,
• official time is the time of ČRO Radiojournal,
• each crew is obliged to observe the traffic rules.



• deflection from determined time in RT                                                             1/100 s 1 p. ( max. 500 p. = 5 sec.)
• late arrival into the time control (TC) 1minute                                                              50 p.
• premature arrival to time control (TC) 1minute                                                          100 p.
• failure to pass the time control (TC)                                                                           1000 p.
• failure to pass the passage control (PC)                                                                  1000 p.

• passage through TC or PC with delay of more than 15 min.                                 1000 p.

• passage through TC or PC from bad direction:                                                         500 p.
• omitting of regularity test (RT)                                                                                      1000 p.
• late arrival to start:                                                                                                               50 p.
• omitting a certain part of RT (e.g. missing the target):                                              500 p.

• stopping in the long RT (also because of technical failure) :                                  500 p.
• running down, movement of cone or missing the cone gate during RT                 50 p.